Hey El Moochadores! Both Chudd and I have been sick the last few days so please excuse us for the lack of posts. It’s not like we have a staff or, you know, small collection of friends who’d sometimes pitch in and do a post once in a while. But, why complain. This is one of the best hobbies a young (thirty-six is still young! Damn you all!) geek could ever have! Sorry, I’ve had a lot o’NyQuil and yet very little sleep. Being sick sucks. You know what doesn’t suck though? Huh!? Star Wars parodies with snarky brits running all the lines. I found my way over to these gems by way of Geek Tyrant and then I had a Hot Toddy or two with my NyQuil. I kinda feel like a pillows being rapped around my brain but there aint no pillow in there. I can’t think anymore. Check out these funny videos from Sneaky Zebra while I go lie down and dream of large women.


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