An atmosphere of freaky holiday

Or, what do we do to pass time when the power goes out?


Florida: What mountain river beds are to salmon, but for people.

Greetings, geeks, from America’s flaccid wang. We’ve been skirted by a tropical storm and left in a strange state of limbo. Businesses closed in anticipation of a disaster which failed to materialize. As such, I’m stuck at home with naught to do but update the Moo crew with gnus news.

This is a gnu.

Here’s a blast from the past: FASA Games has emerged, Lazarus-like, from its tomb. It looks as though they’re rolling out Earthdawn, Fading Suns, and a new Victorian Sci-fi title, 1879. I have a 1992 FASA catalog that features Earthdawn, but I never got to play it. Maybe this time I’ll give it a go. (Never knew that it was supposed to share a setting with Shadowrun, did you?) Last year I got to play an abortive game of Fading Suns by Internet; it’s essentially a Medieval space setting, like Dune or BattleTech. Everybody’s doing VSF nowadays; the New York Times already “done” the Steampunk fad, which means it’s now old enough to elicit nostalgia.

Maybe the box art put people off?

One last bit of game news: Leviathans has launched, but I still don’t have my copy, so no review yet. I didn’t make it to the game store this weekend before the weather turned sour, and I’m no longer the devoted fan who might brave 60 mph winds and road debris only to sample the latest wares. Middle age is a downer, kids.

Yes, I’ve used this image before. Sue me.

Say this for geeks: they know better than to let themselves get carried away by fantasy. While everyone else is playing Guitar Hero, there’s a geek somewhere building his own Moog synthesizer. Sword fantasies are suddenly all the rage at the cinema and on TV, but geeks are still arguing breathlessly about the meaning of bits of bodkin found at Agincourt. I kibitz the NFL thread at a big-robot-game message board because it’s the only place where nobody yaps about his fantasy league. I’m sure you have your own examples.

After that, I was so creative and talented that I didn’t even need video games!

Goodbye for now, friends. And remember: that hundred-ton, fire-belching metallic colossus is probably just as afraid of you as you are of him.

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  1. That’s a gnu? huh, who knew… nyuck nyuck nyuck. Stay safe Neko!

  2. Ooo, wise guy, eh?

    Since this is a world-class journalistic enterprise, let me acknowledge Stahlseele at for the link.

  3. “World-Class”? Low-class or no-class maybe, I don’t think we’re at the level of “world” class yet.

  4. Trog, are you going to let him talk smack like that?

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