Atomic Moocast #36: Interview with Nicole Brune!

Hey El Moochadores we got another fun and entertaining Atomic Moocast ready to go for your listen holes! On this episode of the Atomic Moocast we talked with our good friend Numbers about Game of thrones and Star Wars novels and yes, we dropped every spoiler we could about every novel we talked about! Then, after the break, we have our interview with artist/ illustrator Nicole Brune!

Nicole was very fun to talk to and chuck full of useful information; such as – How to get a beautiful model naked in your home. Check out some images of Nicoles Pin-up work below and some images of the very sexy artist too!

So here it is folks! It’s time to put the dogs to bed and the kids out on the porch! It’s time to shuffle on over to your fridge and scourer its furthest depths for a cool fizzy soda you like best then take a running leap and belly flop atop your favorite comfy seat. Its time to download and listen to the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about! Let’s get going with the Atomic Moocast!


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Songs used:

  • Kool Katz
  • As I Figure
  • Funk Game Loop
  • Enter the Party
  • Slow Ska Game Loop


A Few Samples of Nicoles Pin-up Work

Click the links above to see more of Nicole’s work on her website or at Deviant Art!

A couple of Images of Nicole… That we Really, Really, Like!

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  1. Another excellent and intelligent interview with a charming guest! Also, Trog has hit the sweet spot on the perviness scale: 7 out of 10. Keep it there!

    I’m glad I got in on the ground floor with your podcast. Based upon the number and quality of guests you’ve had lately, I doubt I’d get in the door of I knocked today.

  2. I think you still would be able to. Hell, we’re still trying to figure out what we’re doing with this.

  3. Mister Trog

    09/05/2012 at 4:00 pm

    Hell, we’re still trying to figure out where the door is too.

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