We’re geeks, which means at one point or another in our lives we loved Dinosaurs. Whether it was during one of those brief moments in middle school science class where we didn’t have to do any work and the teacher popped in a VHS copy of Dinosaur with Walter Cronckite, or maybe that first appearance of a brachiosaurus on Jurassic Park, at one time these ancient beast wowed and fascinated us. Well, good news geeks! Once again those wonderful guys and gals over at Titan Books have put out a book that will re-kindle your love for these extinct beasts. Dinosaur Art – The World’s Greatest Paleoart is a collection of art and biographies of some of the world’s best Paleoartists.

Edited by Steve White this beautiful book puts together Ten of the worlds leading paleoartists and features page after page of their stunning art and insightful information about their process and the science of paleontology.

Get a copy for yourself and check out works by artist Luis Rey, John Conway, Julius Csotonyi, and a whole bunch more! It really is a great book to read and the level or art produced by the artist with in is fantastic, but Chudd and I were wondering… Do these guys make the dinosaur noises while painting? How could you not? I’ve been through this whole book three or four times now and on each page I make a little roar or squawk, depending on the animal being featured. Which, because I read this in our local Starbucks, did get me a few odd looks from the other customers.

If your interested in a copy of Dinosaur Art, you can find one at Titan Books or at Amazon.com. And then you can make your own dino-noises in a public place! Well, I don’t know if you need the book for that, but it helps!

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