Confidential File: Horror Comic Books!

Comics Code Authority

Hey El Moochadores, I found a very interesting peace of nerd history! Most die hard Comic book fans know about the comic book crack down of the 1950’s—where the government attacked the industry after Frederick Wortham published his book “Seduction of the Innocent”.

You see Dr. Wortham studied child psychology. He worked with disturbed kids (the kind of kids who chopped up there parent in the middle of the night). He asked kids what they read, and since it was the 1950’s, and most kids didn’t have Television, they all read comic books. So Dr. Wortham figured out that Comic book most be the cause.

In his book he wrote things like Comic book are the marijuana of the nursery. Worthame was the first person to say Batman and Robin were gay, saying the comic book was a wish dream of two homosexuals. He also coined the term the “Superman Complex”, and said it the wish dream that one man can punishes your enemies again and again while you your self remain unharmed. At the end of all this madness the Comic Book Code Authority was created. A series of laws were created that censored all published comics. These rules remained in play from the early 1950 all the way until the 1970 when Stan Lee published Spider-man Comic that openly broke the code. The Code remained apart of the industry until 2010. The fallowing video is from 1954 and it addresses the evils of Comic books. So enjoy the peace of our amazing nerd history.

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