Good Morning El Moochadores! I’ve got to leave for work in just a little bit here, but before that I wanted to do something that’s actually important. Y’know, like telling you about the very cool looking custom action figures being made by John Mallamas (Jin-saotome on Deviant Art). This is just a small sample of his work so I encourage you all to hit the link to his deviant page and see much more geeky coolness! For now though, check out some to the pictures below and I’ve added in a few quotes from Mr. Mallamas’s Deviant page about the making of these custom toys! Good work John!

Knightfall Movie Masters Batman figure

John: When I heard Batman The Dark Knight returns was going to be the last of that series I thought of all the characters who could have movie designs done in that style. With Bane in the last movie who better to show up than Azrael/Jean Paul Valley in his Knightfall costume? I used a Movie Masters Batman body, ML Black Panther head (rough texture knocked down with Acetone) LCBH Darkness Hands, DC Universe Toyman neck piece, Azbats leg spines, and created the chest light using fodder parts/straps. Now Azrael was ready to avenge Batman and take down Bane! Will he show up like this in the new movie? Probably not, but now I’m wondering what other movie-style versions of Azrael could have happened!

Spiderman Marvel Legends

John: He was made from a McFarlane Spiderman torso with arms, waist, and legs from an older Spider-sense spiderman. His head came from the most recent series and the eyes modded. Powerful magnets are buried in his feet so he can stick to metal surfaces. The range of motion in his joints was extended by removing/adding plastic and he was given a metal wire webline he could stick to as well as a web-cast. Black and red make him stand out, this Spidey is ready to take on anyone!

Avengers 2 Movie style Ultron Marvel Legends

John: Here I’ve done the creating and present to you my idea of how Ultron may appear in Avengers 2. Following movie canon this is a Phase II Ultron created from Destroyer tech the same as Coulson’s rifle. He goes berserk and seeks out his creator, Dr Pym aka Ant Man. This figure was created from a DC Universe Braniac, custom sculpted head, MARS parts, and ML Ultron feet along with lots of fodder bits and hoses. I gave him Destroyer-like fireblast ports all over him, two wrist blasters, and an energy shield/blade.

Deadpool diorama base 1

John: It was a month long project that took a TON of fodder pieces, cutting metal screen, and painting detail, but at last Deadpool Mercenary Pad is finished! The entry way was from a Lost base, main section from a Young Justice Artemis base, and TV wall from a Palisades Muppet reporter. The gun rack is magnetic so the weapons attach to them. I printed out tiny magazines, Psylocke swimsuit poster, and to-do-list using 600dpi with the magazines having 4 folded sections inside. The chair was from a Matrix Morpheus and various fodder accessory bits from Buffy/Legends/DC figures. Now Deadpool has a place to hang out and plot his next mission!

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