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welcome from Lothlorien

Well, to take my mind off some of my troubles, I thought I’d do a post (I tried running at the gym earlier—’cause that sometimes helps—but they had the Family Guy version of Return of the Jedi playing on the monitor in front of my treadmill, so I just walked and watched that instead).

Anyhow, I came across these awesome looking Lord of the Rings illustrations earlier (via, and thought I should share a pass’em along. Looks like they’re created a Chinese illustrator named Jian Guo (Breathing2004 on DeviantArt). I really like how he did then in a stained glass window style, making a narrative out of the illustrations. I’ll post the rest below, but check out his gallery for more great work (like his Starcraft fan art… holy shit…). Later!

Gates of Argonath

deep into Moria

birthday party of Baggins

Rest in Gildor's forest

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  1. Bad Galadriel has bigger knockers than I remember from the film.

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