The Real Mary Jane 2 by Alexia Jean Grey

Hey El Moochadors, while Trog is getting the new Moocast ready to post, I thought I’d share something awesome I came across on DeviantArt today.

The Real Mary Jane by Alexia Jean Grey

Her name is Alexia Jean Grey from Florida, and, as you can see, she looks great all painted up as Spider-Man’s Mary Jane. If you check out her gallery, she’s got more great images of her cosplay and body paint. Ones I really thought were cool were her Venom images (below). She’s also on Facebook if you want to check her out there. Anyhow, I gotta go, but I’d just like to remind you that Christmas is coming up, and if any of you would like to get yer Uncle Chudd a nice gift, I wouldn’t mind getting one of her. Just throwing that out there. later!

Alexia Jean Grey Alexia Jean Grey Alexia Jean Grey
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