Hey El Moochadors! This is the third post I’ve done with a focus on nerd Music. First I talked about steam punk music, then I did a post about Nerd Core, and were talking about StarKids and there Musical “Holy Musical B@tman”. If your unfamiliar with Star Kids they have a crazy fallowing one of the founding members went on to be a permit fixture in Fox’s Glee. There first major Geek project was Harry Potter the Musical. Now I am gonna be honest I am not a big fan of Harry Potter the Musical. Its not because a I am not a Harry potter fan I don’t like it because of there lack of Set and Props. Now Back to Batman I have to say I enjoyed there Musical tack on Batman because of the level of awesomeness. The musical is not maid to make fun of Batman but to celebrate all the awesomeness of the silverier age or and 90’s darkness from the Batman Comics. And Guy Gardner is a recurring character in the Musical enough said. GUY GARDNER!!!

if you want to buy the album or find more cool stuff from StarKids here a link to there web site. http://www.teamstarkid.com


P.S. the Music will get stuck in your head

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