DeviantArt Video

Hey El Moochadors! This is a video of a deviantArt panel at this last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Trog and I actually sat in on this one, and I’m glad I came across the video of it ’cause there was a lot of good advice shared. I’m a huge fan of deviantArt, I think it’s a great place for inspiration and showcasing your work. I have a profile on there, and so does Trog and Sir Noel. I disagree with those that say it’s just a place for Furry and Pony Fans, though there is a lot of that stuff on there (to each their own). There’s also a lot of weird and twisted stuff. Stuff I just don’t get, and don’t think I’ll ever understand (again, to each their own). I still visit the site everyday looking for either inspiration, image resources, tutorials, or even something to post about on here. Here are a few nifty images I’ve come across in the last few days from some very interesting and very talented people, and the kind of work you’ll find on DA:

For Science by KassandraLeigh D for Daphne by tsuaii Pixel Trooper by SixPixelDesign

Anyhow, if you’re on DA, let us know and we’ll throw you on our watch list… which sounds kind of creepy; if you’re not… I guess it’s not for everyone, but you should still check it out anyhow. Enjoy the video!

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