Do you own a coffee table? On that coffee table do you have a few books showing the photographic wonder of babies dressed as flowers, or the pueblos of the Southwest Indians? If so, then go get a box labeled “garage sell.” You don’t need those eye sores collecting dust any longer because Titan Books has just published Jaws, Memories from Martha’s Vineyard! So, sweep an arm across your coffee table and knock that never opened Anne Geddes brick off the table top, and, in its place, put down the most comprehensive book (about the film that actually created the term “blockbuster”) ever published!

Written by Matt Taylor and put together with the help of Jaws collector, Jim Beller, This book on Jaws takes its readers Thirty-seven years back in time to the small island where the movie was made. It combines the stories of the cast and crew with the shared accounts of the island’s locals and includes a wealth of collected photographs, news articles, and other treasures about the making of this iconic film. Readers of this book (and there will be readers for it! Unlike that Anne Geddes thing…) will be almost overwhelmed with information about the making of the shark (Bruce!), the many locals who found themselves acting in the film, and mammoth undertaking of getting a uncooperative robot shark into the water! Taylor and Beller poured there enthusiasm for Jaws into this book and they did an outstanding job of documenting the films production in a chronological order. Much like how Spielberg relied heavily on the island’s residents for the production of Jaws, Taylor and Beller went back and used nearly every scrap of unseen data stored in the basements, photo-albums, and attics, of the locals for nearly forty years!

Go find Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard at Titan Books or at!

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