Robotech: Coffee for One? by LeElf

Well, my head is throbbing right now. I thought I would take a break from studying and go to my favorite source of procrastination: Atomic Moo! Actually, I was on deviantArt first, then I came to Atomic Moo, but still… Anyhow, I did spot some really cool Robotech fan art while on dA, by the artist LeElf, that I thought was worth passing along here. I gotta say, I was never a big fan of the Southern Cross series, but I’m digging his Logan Veritech Fighter illustrations. Check’em out below, and also go to his galler for more Robotech and other great geeky illustrations. I should get back to studying. I feel like it’s trying to stuff a six ton elephant into a breadbox… a tasty tasty elephant… I think I’ll go get some lunch first instead. Later!

Robotech: Logan, Black Lion VI by LeElf Quick Draw by LeElf Nova Satori by LeElf
Squeaky Clean by LeElf Robotech: Logan Scramble by LeElf Robotech: Alpha Patrol by LeElf
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