The Lorraine Show

Hey El Moochadors. Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted. Good thing Trog is around to take the reigns while I get things sorted out. Anyhow, I thought I’d do a quick one this morning since I got a little free time (just put my clothes in the wash… not sure what else to do) of a new video blog I received an email about. Alright, I don’t know why, but usually when I get emailed about doing a post for someone, I get a little hesitant (I don’t want end up posting about or linking to sites for cheap Russian watches, or penis enlargement pills). Except of course if it’s a really cute red headed girl, then I’m more than happy to. This one though definitely has a geeky vein to her, so it shouldn’t be problem. You’ve probably seen her as the host of Marvel’s YouTube The Watcher videos. I know I’ve watched my share of them… at night… over and over and over—anyhow… check out her new video below, and subscribe to her channel. I think my clothes are about done (good, ’cause I could use a pair of pants right now… my legs are cold…). Later!

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