Disney Buys Star Wars!

Story via Popsci, image via Boing Boing; Okay, you already know and much like the two Death Stars the internet has been blowing up about this news. Hell, I bet that reference has been used already too by now. If not… Yay me!

So here’s the story; it was announced today that Disney has acquired Lucas films for the massive sum of 4 billion dollars and apparently plans to produce the first of three new Star Wars films by 2015. Fans have been reacting in both good, bad, and ugly ways all over the internet (y’all got the other movie reference there too, right?). According to an article posted by Geek Tyrant (which I’m sure they got some where else) George Lucas was quoted as saying:

I’m doing this so that the films will have a longer life. So that more fans and people can enjoy them in the future. It’s a very big universe I’ve created, and there’s a lot of stories that are sitting in there… I get to be a fan now, which is what I was saying before, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s a lot more fun actually.

Lucas has now turned over everything Star Wars to Lucas film president Kathleen Kennedy who will now manage the massive franchise. Also, Disney gets ILM to boot.

It’s no secret that we (The Brethren Moo) are Star Wars fans and have been since very early childhood. We were born in ’76 and Star Wars came out in ’77. For better or worst, these films have had a massive impact on our childhood and adult years (just see how unimpressed girls are when you show them your giant collection of vintage Star Wars figures and not have that effect your life) and we wanted to get on and say a little bit about how we feel about this news and I think we’re excited to get new films and see the franchise expand, but because this is Atomic Moo, we’re concerned about how this will effect the fan created stuff for Star Wars. Will Disney be as accepting of fan films, comics, animation, and art as Lucas has been for all theses years? What’s been Disney’s reaction towards fan made free stuff in the past? Disney has made some great movies and animations in the past but will tolerate fans doing the same? I really wish I had answer and hopefully I will by tomorrow nights Moocast recording. So, there it folks! Our Star Wars rides again post! Now we’re just like the rest of internet but with better looking cows!

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  1. Why now? Why not fifteen years ago?

  2. I am not excited about this. It is possible Disney will get a great talent to write and direct, but I am afraid it’s gonna be “Pirates of the Caribbean In Space.” I can’t stop wondering who they will get to write it, and if there is a name that would satisfy me – maybe Joss Whedon? I thought about Kevin Smith and decided he’d make it too campy, the Cohen Bros would write a great story, but maybe a bit too much talking and not enough action, the Waichowskis have good vision, but not the best writing, Peter Jackson frankly does not impress me that much, Tarantino writes good but does not seem right for this franchise, maybe Guillermo Del Toro has the right combination of writing/directing skills? I guess I would like to see it in the hands of a writer-director with a solid vision for a trilogy without the trilogy being too “Disney.”

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