The Great Showdowns by Scott Campbell

Probably the most honest title to any book I’ve come across recently; The Great Show Downs by artist Scott Campbell is a fun book of movie confrontations from all genres of film. Published by Titan Books, and in an artistic style I don’t even have a name for, Every “showdown” comes with a smile and has a lot of fun interpreting classic movie moments like when the Titanic met the iceberg. The art is simple but something about the way it’s presented makes each face off (I wonder if there’s a Nick Cage/ Travolta showdown that didn’t make it into the book…?) a little more epic and engaging. However, sometimes it can be frustrating to view. The ED 209 does not smile! I don’t give a damn what artist license an artist feels he/she has: ED 209 doesn’t smile! Okay, that aside, go get a copy of The Great Showdowns at the Titan Books link above or you can find it on! Also, Go check out some of Scott Campbell’s other works. Mr. Campbell has done plenty of work with illustration, paintings, video games, and children’s books and you can find links to his stuff at his site.

Check out a few examples from the book below, but keep in mind this is just “the tip of the iceberg.” Okay, I only put that cliche in there because of the Titanic showdown. d’oh.

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