Amazing Star Wars Pin-up Art

Enlist Today by Ant Lucia

Holy cow, I just came across these great looking Star War recruitment posters (via Distracted by Star Wars) by pin-up artist Ant Lucia. Damn this guy (or girl?) does amazing work! Unfortunately up until a few moments ago I’d never heard of him (or her…). I tell you though, this is the level of skill I hope to reach someday. I’m tempted now to forget about the logo I’m suppose to be working on right now and get to drawing. I’ll post the other two Star Wars posters below, but check out his (or hers) gallery for more great work. There’s a lot of old school horror movie stuff (the Spookshow Pin-ups) which are definitely worth a look. Anyhow, I gotta stop procrastinating and get back to work—Damn Distracted by Star Wars for… well… distracting me). Later!

Strike Back by Ant Lucia

Man the guns by Ant Lucia

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  1. I like the flight suit best. There’s no reason for heels, but the calf boots might be pressurized to prevent high-g blackouts.

  2. Wha??? This guy draws this great looking pin-up of a sexy leia sitting on the wing of an x-wing and all you can think about is how practical her boots are?

  3. I don’t say everything I think.

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