Lorraine Cink and Turkey

Hey El Moochadors… Holy cow I’m tired. Full day of work, only to come home to work on a logo, and then onto trying to figure out how to draw a pin-up to look like a Gil Elvgren painting with out it looking like a Gil Elvgren painting… I dunno, I’m still not sure what the f#ck they meant by that. Anyhow, I’m tired, and my hands are killing me. Still, I felt like I should do a post before bed. Thankfully though, I got an email with a link to a nifty Youtube video. It’s a little outside of what I normally like to post about, but it’s got our favorite red headed geek girl in it, Lorraine Cink. How the hell do you go twelve years with out eating meat? I can’t go twelve minutes it seems. Hell, I’m eating some turkey liver right now. Why? Because it’s some of the tastiest shit in the world! And I don’t care if it use to belong to something that had a face and a mother. It’s still delicious! Try it! I’m going to bed. Later.

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