Pulp Serial Flash Gordon by sillof

Hey El Moochadors. Good grief I’m tired. I didn’t know a consequence of commuting to a full-time job was the lack of desire to do anything when I get home, except lay on the couch and watch a Venture Brothers’ DVD over and over… So, I guess this is my attempt to get up off my ass and get something done. I dunno… Anyhow, I saw on deviantArt these new and great looking pulp action figures from Sillof. This guy does amazing looking work, and honestly if I wasn’t in so much soul draining debt, I’d want to pick one up. Anyhow, check out the others below, and take a look at his dA gallery. He’s got more great stuff on his site as well. I’m going back to the couch. Later!

Pulp Serial John Carter by Sillof Pulp Serial Conan by Sillof Pulp Serial: Lone Ranger by Sillof

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