Tarzan The Centennial Celebration

Author, and Tarzan enthusiast, Scott Tracy Griffin commemorates a hundred years of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s classic – jungle dwelling hero – in his new book: Tarzan The Centennial Celebration! Published by Titan Books, this vast collection of everything Tarzan is an excellent review of the characters origins (both real and fictional) and his many incarnations in literature, comics, movies, and radio.

What’s great about Griffin’s book is the wealth of data he includes in each section as he explains each of Burroughs original stories and subsequent tie in information. All of which is told along side the brilliant art work of artists like Burne Hogarth, Boris Vallejo, Neal Adams, Frank Frazetta, These artist, over the last century, contributed their incredible artistic skills to bring Tarzan (and the beast and women of Tarzan!) to life. Tarzan the Centennial Celebration includes a forward written by 1960’s era T.V. Tarzan; Ron Ely and then proceeds to give its readers pages of historical notes, story details, Comic book art, and the many deviation and liberties the film companies took when making big screen versions of Lord Greystoke.

I really did enjoy Tarzan the Centennial Celebration for its historical content and I’m sure this would make a great holiday gift for someone who enjoys the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I especially enjoyed the short biography of Burroughs life, that Griffin included, at the start of the book. Burroughs was Thirty six years-old when he started his writing career (my age now) and, to be honest, that he turned his life around and embarked on a new life as a story writer was very inspiring to me. If I had any Criticisms (which I really don’t) it would be this books lack of La. I know that reads weird, but a really good book can never have enough naked jungle chicks stuffed into the middle of it’s pages! Heh, binders of jungle girls!

You can go get a copy of Tarzan the Centennial Celebration a Titan Books of at Amazon.com.

Below I’ve posted a few sample images of some of the artwork featured in the book. Keep in mind though this is just a small sample.

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