Spaceship Skeletal Surveys by Artist Josh Ln

ow. Evening El Moochadores. ow. I typed “ow” because I’m in a lot of pain right now. I thought it might help me feel better. ow. It doesn’t. I still hurt; yet I’ve learned the value of helmet laws and fully (ow) encourage all motorcyclist/ scooter-ists/ bicyclist/ equestrian-ists to remember yer damn helmets before you ride. Except skaters. Roadblocking rancid punks! ow. Anyways, I’m doing a post tonight. A post about something weird and unusual. Spaceships with skeletons in them. Coming to us via the awesomeness that is Laughing Squid; Check out the illustrative talents of Josh Ln and his Spaceship Skeletal Survey illustrations!



Oh, and P.S.; I didn’t mean that about skaters. I’m just sore and cranky. I don’t really wish head trauma on anyone, least of all skaters. I just wish the Walmart humping punks would get the fuck out the middle the road. ow. I don’t even know what the fuck that means or remember writing it. I thought helmets were supposed to protect the brain. shit. ow.

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  1. I love it! The Firefly chicken is the best, but they’re all good. Also, don’t apologize for the skater-hate. For me it’s roller blades on the sidewalk, though.

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