The Hobbit – Full Production Video Blogs 1-6


Good morning El Moochadores! What with the upcoming Hobbit film about to release I wanted to post about the Hobbit video blog I’ve been watching over the last couple of days. Produced and hosted by Peter Jackson this is a great behind the scenes view of the making of this new film. Give it a watch and then get your asses into theaters this Friday (the 14th) to see yet another epic journey into Middle Earth! Yeah, I can’t believe I just wrote that either, but when it comes to Lord of the Rings or anything Hobbit, my inner geek comes raging out like a spastic six year-old hopped up on marshmallow mateys and candy bars.


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  1. Now that the critics all hate it, I’m willing to give three Hobbit movies a chance. Of course, it wouldn’t take 9 hours to read the book…

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