Good afternoon El Moochadores! There’s a lot of cool stuff people have made out of LEGOS. Bat caves, Planet Hoth, but I didn’t see this one coming. LEGO artist, Matt De Lonoy had made the Fhloston Paradise fight scene from the 1997 hit sci-fi film Fifth Element. I don’t know why he made this, but he did and it looks pretty damn cool! Check out the pics below for the complete view!

fifth-element-lego-02 fifth-element-lego-03 fifth-element-lego-04 fifth-element-lego-05 fifth-element-lego-06 fifth-element-lego-07 fifth-element-lego-08 fifth-element-lego-09 fifth-element-lego-10 fifth-element-lego-11 fifth-element-lego-12 fifth-element-lego-13 fifth-element-lego-14

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