Heads Up Greedo

Happy New Years El Moochadors. I know the day is almost done, but I thought I would start the first day of 2013 off right by doing a post. Anyhow, I came across these nifty head fan arts (arts? not sure how to say that) on deviantArt earlier. I thought they had a pretty good style to them. I think they’re vector to, which I can appreciate. They’re by dA user HeadsUpStudios (Jay Brant). I’ve posted a few of his pieces below, but check out his gallery for more (there’s a bunch!). I’ve gotta go scarf down some warm cookies now, so later!

Heads up Bossk Heads Up Chewbacca Heads Up Leia Heads Up Batman Heads Up Green Arrow Heads Up Two Face Heads Up Beast v2 Heads Up Venom Heads Up Wolverine
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