Bravest Warriors by Cartoon Hangover


We’re back! Not that many of you knew that we actually left, but Chudd and I just finished moving apartments and we have that thick syrupy internet goodness flowing through our home again!

So, now that we’re back online again; one of the first things I did was look up all my favorite porn sites to see what I’ve missed over the last few days, but then two minutes later I was moving on to my favorite geek sites! check out what I found over at Geek Tyrant! A new cartoon by animator Pendleton Ward and his YouTube channel; Cartoon Hangover! Bravest Warriors is really weird, but also very entertaining and one of the best ways to kick off a new year of blogging and podcasting from our strange new home. I’ve posted the first few cartoons below but click the link above to subscribe to Cartoon Hangover’s youtube channel and watch the rest of the episodes.


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  1. Thank goodness! The Internet wasn’t the same without you.

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