Kickass Looking Stormtrooper and Vader Samurai Figures

Strom Trooper Samurai by Avatar666

Holy shit! Half the day is over, and I haven’t done a damn thing. Now I remember why I don’t play video games anymore (fuck’n Portal! Yeah I just got around to playing it…). Anyways, I thought I would put the game up and try to get something productive done (like a post), and I thought these Star Wars samurai action figures looked pretty nifty (spotted them on They’re by flickr user Avatar666. Who knows, maybe he’ll do a Boba Fett one soon to? I dunno. Anyhow, enjoy and pass’em along. I’ve got work to finish, so later!

Strom Samurai Trooper by Avatar666 Storm Samurai Trooper Storm Trooper Samurai by Avatar 666 Darth Vader Samurai by Avatar666 Darth Vader Samurai Darth Vader Samurai

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  1. I always thought that a scene-by-scene rip-off of the Richard Chamberlain vehicle Shogun would make a terrific Star Wars TV serial. If you haven’t seen it, put on some breezy short-shorts to get in the proper late 70s mood before watching. It’s awesome.

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