KastleVania 4 – Vanian Legenda (2012) full 146min movie in LEGO!


Good morning El Moochadores! Very popular on the Web today is a 146 minute long, LEGO made, Castlevania fan animation! According to many of the articles I read, it took three brothers seven years to finish this project! Wow. I mean, LEGO blocks are cool, but seven years?! Here’s the a quote from their Youtube page:

A story about freedom, death and revenge

KastleVania 4 tells about history of the Bellmount clan and how the youngest member of the family has to face the old nemesis stronger than ever before. Simo Bellmount anticipates the return of forces of evil and sends his grandson to examine the situation in the land of Vania. On his journey, Justus learns a lot about history of the land of Vania, its four provinces with their leaders and about the three legendary artifacts, the combination of which would create the ultimate weapon, the Manasplinter.
Justus ends up living at his grand-uncle’s inn in the peasant village of KastleVilla and leading its people against their oppressors. In light of tragic events and frightening evidence on return of Lord Trakula, Justus must begin a great quest to seek the artifacts and bring forth the balance to the land of Vania. Justus Bellmount, Fisgars Jr. the Blacksmith, Goffheat the Alchemist and the companions must use all means available to defeat Lord Trakula. Prepare for a journey never to forget in the land of Vania!

Be sure to click the subtitles at the bottom since the whole thing is in – not English.


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  1. Did you guys see the full-length Toy Story remake done with real toys?

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