X-Wing Coffee Table is Best Damn Coffee Table Ever!


Via Geek Tyrant; Ye Gods this great! Check out this hand crafted brilliant looking coffee table of a X-Wing star fighter by Barry Shields .

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  1. Where in the hell do you get your information? Barry Shields built this and you can see it at BarryShields.com

  2. You’re right, Barry Shields did do it. We saw this on GeekTyrant.com who reported that it was made by Sean Regan, and Aubrey Cohen. We thought the table looked great and that we should share it on our blog. Apparently GeekTyrant saw the table on NerdApproved.com, who also reported it being made by Sean Regan, and Aubrey Cohen. I just went a step further back to gizmodo.com who also reported the same (apparently they’ve updated now to give credit to Barry). I just updated our post to give him credit and I apologize for the error.

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