The Empire Needs You by Pen-Tacular-Artist

Check out this awesome looking graphite drawing of Darth Vader by deviantArt member Pen-Tacular-Artist. Not bad, for a Brit… Alright, who am I kidding? If the devil came to me and said I could have that kind of drawing ability if only I would feed a buck full of puppies into a wood chipper, well… yeah. Not that I have anything against puppies or wood chippers, but if there was a deal like that, then there would be a bucket less worth of puppies in the world. I am not endorsing any kind of animal cruelty here, just to be clear—this is all just hypothetical. I would never, in any way do something like that unless there was a guy in a red suit, and horns growing out of his head, standing next to a gas powered chipper… Which isn’t going to happen, just saying that’s the only time a thought like that would come in to my head… Anyhow, Pen-Tacular has a bunch more awesome drawings in his gallery that you should check out. I’m off to find a puppy to pet just to prove I have no ill will against them. Later!

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