Via Geek Tyrant; Good evening El Moochadores and a happy weekend to you all! Currently I’m waiting for Chudd to upload the latest Atomic Moocast, but since he’s napping that may take awhile. So, until then I thought I’d share this wonderful short film with you all! Voile Noir was created by Michaël Balthazart,Clément Granjon, Quentin Sauvinet ,and Raphaël Gaudin and has one of the best aerial fight scenes I’ve seen in awhile. In fact, where’s the rest of this film? If any of you happy El Moochadores out there happen to know if there is more to this, or if it’s currently in production, please let me know. I want to see more! MORE! and I also want some cake and a nice girlfriend.

Enjoy the short!

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