Opa El Moochadores! Okay, first off; the Website GeekXGirls is something wonderful! After all, that’s the site where we found out about Nerdlesque performer Dezi Desire. But this post tonight isn’t about her. Tonight we’re going to post about another neat cosplayer; Mrs. Naomi VonKreeps, who created this great looking mash-up of a very sexy girl and an Imperial Guard. Now we know what was under those red robes. Anyways, check out some photos of Mrs. VonKreep (I wonder if that’s not a stage name or maybe she just comes from one of those Eastern Europe families you never want to marry into…) below and then hit the links back and enjoy the hell out of GeekXGirls!

imperial_guard_photoshoot_01 imperial_guard_photoshoot_02 imperial_guard_photoshoot_03 imperial_guard_photoshoot_04 imperial_guard_photoshoot_05

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