Star Wars meets Star Trek - Han Solo and Uhura by rhymesyndicate

Star Wars meets Star Trek - Kirk and Leia by rhymesyndicate

Well, since I’m flat broke and outta gas, I guess I’m not going anywhere tonight. Might as well do a post, right? It’s been kind of a fucked up day anyhow. Never mind that shit though, take a look at these awesome geek-art mash-ups I came across on deviantArt earlier. They’re by dA artist rhymesyndicate (Robert Shane). I guess he didn’t want to piss off either Star Trek nerds or Star Wars nerds. Check out this guy’s gallery though; he’s got a bunch of more great mash-ups he’s illustrated. Like this Vader vs. a Xenomorph painting (below).

Darth Vader Meets His Match by rhymesyndicate

Pretty Kick-ass, right? Anyhow, take a look and enjoy.

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