Great and Geeky Portal Valentines

My Portal Valentine by LaggyCreations

I’m not really a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I’m becoming a big fan of Portal (since I was finally able to play it), and I’m a huge fan of great looking vector art. two outta three here ain’t bad… These great looking illustrations were created by devaintArtist LaggyCreations (Maggie Ramey). Every time I see work like this I always feel like I need to work harder so I can get up to that level. So, I think after this post I’m going to get to work… eh, I probably should shower first though since I just got back from the gym—then again, not like there’s anyone around I’m trying to impress. It’ll be okay.

Another Portal Valentine by LaggyCreations An Obese Valentine by LaggyCreations

She has more great looking geek-art in her gallery (a few samples below), and in here Etsy Store. Take a look and enjoy. I think I will take a shower after all… Later.

Minimalist Freeman—Half Life by LaggyCreations Guild of Calamitous Intent Recruitment Poster by LaggyCreations Lara—Tomb Raider by LaggyCreations

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  1. If I were a first grader and I got one of those in my box, I would be gaga for whoever gave it, cooties be damned.

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