Mr and Mrs Sith—Awesome Star Wars Fan Film

Mr and Mrs Sith

Hey El Moochadors. Here’s something pretty nifty that I came across earlier today (via Best part: when she disrobes; worst part: when she licks her light saber… She wouldn’t have a fucking tongue left… that’s not right! With a girl that looks like that, a tongue can be a good thing! Also there’s the part where the guy disrobes and makes me horribly ashamed for eating half a cherry pie tonight. I should go for a jog. Looks like it was made by a group called DefconUnlimitedStunt. I’ll have to check out more of their work. Anyhow, if you haven’t seen it check it out below. I’m gonna watch from :35 to :45 over again… and again….

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  1. Yeah, Mr. Sith is a slab of beef. And Mrs. Sith is quite a cupcake.

  2. She’s the same alien as the dancing girl that the Rancor Monster eats, right? Head tentacles are no obstacle.

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