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Flash Hulk by doubleleaf

Damn, I can’t seem to focus tonight. I’m trying to get through a couple projects today, but I keep allowing myself to get distracted… like by hoping on to Atomic Moo here. So, while I was procrastinating I spent some time on deviantArt and I came across these awesome superhero mash-ups by dA artist doubleleaf. I have no idea what their real name is, all I know is they’re female, Japanese, and extremely talented (I can only hope she’s single and into goofy looking white guys…). Take a look at her gallery for more great work. I’m gonna go see if I can focus and get something done tonight. Later!

Green Wolverine by doubleleaf Captain Bat by doubleleaf Captain Crawler by doubleleaf

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  1. I’m hoping for a Professor X/Doctor Octopus or Galactus/Mr. Mxyzptlk.

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