Okay, this is a tough one. Aaron McGruder’s the Boondocks is one of the funniest cartoons on Adult Swim. All (two) of us, here at Atomic Moo, love the Boondocks. So, we were really excited when we heard they were launching a Kickstarter campaign for a live action movie of one of the Boondocks main characters. Really, really excited. Then we learned it was an Uncle Ruckus movie starring Gary Anthony Williams …and we were even more excited! Because even though he says the most awful things a person can say, he is also one of the funniest characters on the show and Williams is a great comedian. Okay, for those of you who haven’t seen the show yet, Uncle Ruckus is a horrible racist. He says stuff that, well, you should never – ever- say. Ever! But, he is also just so damn funny! Shit, I’m fucking this up! Okay… we’re not racist – no, wait- It’s just Uncle Ruckus is very funny, is all… even though you shouldn’t laugh at what he says… damnit! Just go watch the Boondocks on Adult Swim and go check out the link above to support the Uncle Ruckus movie on Kickstarter. Did I mention we also think Huey is very funny too? Shit, why am I sweating.


Here’s a small example of the Boondocks greatness:

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