To coincide with the recent release of EA Games blockbuster sci-fi game, Dead Space 3, Titan Books is now selling the prequel graphic novel based on events prior to the first game in the series.

On the distant mining colony of Aegis VII, a spiraling alien marker has been found. The Marker is covered in strange symbols and many in the colony believe it to be a religious artifact of their Unitologist faith. However, soon after the marker is discovered the colonist begin to suffer strange forms of psychosis and paranoia. It’s left up to P-SEC Sergeant Abraham Neumann to figure out what is going on as the colony is transformed into something deadly, evil, and alien.

Written by veteran comic author, Anthony Johnston and illustrated by New York Times bestselling artist, Ben Templesmith, Dead Space re-visits territory where many other Sci-fi/ horror stories (movies and games) have already tread. It seems to borrow from Aliens, Doom, Halo, Prometheus (which is or isn’t part of Aliens?) and other stories where greed, fanaticism, and a healthy dose of “that’s weird and possibly alien… so let’s play with it” stupidity combine, to seal the fate of the hapless colonist (or Marines, or miners) that happen to be around at that moment. However, the unique illustration work of Templesmith, combined with Jonhstons writing, ad some much need flavor to this old mix. The book has a sort of “goofy gore” style that appealed to me and did a good job of conveying a sense of remote-alien depression bogging down the colony on Aegis VII.

If you are interested in reading Dead Space, or other Dead Space graphic novels, copies can be purchased online at Titan Books, or on

Check out a few sample pages of the book below!

DeadSpaceSample DeadSpaceSampleFour DeadSpaceSampleThree DeadSpaceSampleTwo

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