Good morning El Moochadores. I just woke up, went to the Atomic Moo Facebook page and began previewing all the cool things that had popped up overnight. Now bare with me, I’m more than a little hung over and I may (will) mess some of this up (urp!). Via: Soulwynn GxG on Facebook; For the most part this story is old news, but I liked Youtuber Albinwonderland‘s response to Tony Harris‘s online rant about cosplayers and “geek girls.” Here’s what Mr. Harris said on Facebook:


…and here is Albinwonderland’s Youtube response:

First; Albinwonderland needs to stop picking on guys with thick glasses who shoved a D20 in their ears. I’ve had bad vision since birth and doctors have done their best to get the dice out, they say it’s just too close to my brain at this point. Second; I agree with her.

These days girls have a genuine interested in Comics, Sci-Fi, fantasy, and gaming. We Geek-dudes shouldn’t ever try and shame them for wanting to have fun with geeky stuff. Chudd and I have been doing Atomic Moo and the Atomic Moocast for over two years now. We’ve interviewed many female cosplayers, musician, film makers, and artist and for the most part they “out geek” the two of us with their knowledge of comics, cartoons, and games. Many of the geek girls doing Cosplay are incredibly sexy, but they have also used they’re attention to detail, and love of all things geek, to turn cosplay into a real form of art. I am in my mid thirties and I am still as shy and awkward around women as I was at Fifteen, but I don’t ever (EVER) want to discourage a geek girl from dressing up as Slave Leia (or Star Sapphire) so that I might not get a picture with her at a con and then lie to non-geek co-workers that she’s my girl friend. Albinwonderland, you keep fighting the good fight, you cotton candy haired little mutant, Atomic Moo has your back!

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