Okay, so What is GOLDTIGER? Good question, and here’s my best attempt at an answer: GOLDTIGER is either a 1960’s era comic strip drawn by a fictional English mad man, or a very cool new novel with art and graphic elements written by a real English mad man.

Written by Atomic Moo’s favorite U.K. author, Guy Adams and illustrated by artist Jimmy Broxton, GOLDTIGER mixes the “outlandish lives” of it’s fictional Creators, Shaeffer and Barreti, with their sensational adventure comic strip and you can help get this book made by donating to its Kickstarter campaign!

Wow! I hate having to say it, but I’m going to say it anyways: This looks groovy! Far out groovy! So go right now to GOLDTIGER on Kickstarter and check out all the cool stuff you can get for donating! I’m trying to go for the £42.00 (which I just learned means Pound! Ha! I love you google!) donation, but I’m not sure what I have around here that weighs 42 pounds… nyuk nyuk nyuk!!!





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