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Titan Books has released more Dead Space graphic novels to coincide with the release of EA Games smash hit, Dead Space 3. Both graphic novels are illustrated by artist Christopher Shy and take fans of the sci-fi/ horror video game deeper into the scary world of future corporate greed and mutant-alien monsters.

Dead Space: Salvage, written by Antony Johnston, takes place sometime after the events in the first Dead Space graphic novel, also written by Johnston. Here is the basic synopsis:

When a group of freelance miners find the abandoned USG Ishimura in deep space, their once-fortunate luck turns into a catastrophe. With the Earth Government racing to reclaim the ship and an army of Necromorphs wreaking havoc on board, do the miners have any hope of surviving?

While Dead Space: Liberation, written by Ian Edginton, occurs between the events of Dead Space 2 and 3.

we follow Earthgov Sergeant John Carver whose wife and son are attacked by fanatics trying to liberate the Marker site where she works. Racing to solve the clues his wife left behind, Carver teams up with Ellie Langford, survivor of an earlier Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl, and EarthGov Captain Robert Norton. Together they unlock deep secrets about the Markers in an epic adventure that will determine the fate of mankind.

Though both books are sparse on dialogue or narrative, and sometimes Christopher Shy’s chaotic illustration style can be more than a little confusing, I really enjoyed both these books. Both books continued the tail of the strange marker and its effect on the near to depressing – distopian future created by the Dead Space franchise. My favorite of the two, and the one I’d recommend most, was Antony Johnston’s Salvage. I thought it read more like a traditional, “Alien” like, horror film set in space and (having never played the video game) it was satisfying to see what had become of the Ishimura and the human dooming Marker.

If you are interested in reading Dead Space, or other Dead Space graphic novels, copies can be purchased online at Titan Books. Checkout some sample images from Dead Space: Salvage and Liberation below!


DeadSpaceSample DeadSpaceSample2 DeadSpaceSample3 DeadSpaceSample4 DeadSpaceSample5 DeadSpaceSample6

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