One of my many (many!) problems is that once I find something I like I get a little OCD. For example, I love web comics. Love’em! When I find one I really enjoy (e.g. Bearmageddon) I lock in on it and I have to read all it right away, no matter how extensive a prior comics archive the site may have. Well, it happened again. I found out about a Web comic that is by far one of the best I’ve ever read, and goddamn, I spent a lot of time reading it this last weekend!

Blue Milk Special is a wonderful and hilarious take on the Star Wars universe! Started back in February of 2009 (how did I just learn about this!? I’m really starting to doubt my geek cred…) by husband and wife team, Rod and Leanne Hannah, the comic strip is totally non-profit and draws its name from that odd blue gunk Aunt Beru was serving up for dinner in A New Hope!

Rob and Leanne Hannah.

Rod and Leanne Hannah posing with their blasters near an innocent couple.

New strips appear on the site about once a week and follows (parodies) the original trilogy closely. Although they do also include the Star Wars Holiday Special (ripe for parody) and from what I have read they have plans to include the Shadows of the Empire novel as well. Blue Milk Special also produces a Podcast which is just a lot of good Star Wars geeky fun!

I’ve posted a few sample strips below, but this is just the smallest fraction of awesome that is Blue Milk Special! So go check out their site! Now! NOW!!!



2012-03-05-TESB 089

2012-12-28-TESB 156

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