Female Super Hero Fan Film

I think I learned the hard way today that dark chocolate and canned chicken don’t mix well. My stomach was rolling so bad after lunch I had to bail work early and rush home. Felt like I was about to explode out of both ends… anyhow… Jesus, my colon was twitching like a rabbit on crack… what was I posting about?

Oh yeah, check out this great looking Wonder Woman fan film I came across earlier (via GeekTyrant.com). Who ever did the casting did a great job on the Nazis…’cause, you know, they look like Nazis. I can’t really say what that is, you just kind of know it when you see it. I guess… Anyways, the trailer was directed by Jesse V. Johnson, and stars Nina Bergman as the Wonder Woman like hero. Lets hope they do more. I’ll post the video below for you to check out. Later!

Female Super Hero Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.

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