Hi El Moochadores! Okay, so Chudd and I are poor nerds. I don’t mean “poor” as in “poor us.” No, I mean poor as in “we don’t have two nickles to rub together” poor. We’re broke. But, we also love comic books. So, we came to the agreement that from this point forward, if either of us buys a comic book, we have to write a review about it on Atomic Moo. This way we help the site and (because writing reviews is a pain in the ass sometimes) we may think twice before picking up a $3.99 comic. So here goes, the first of probably many (’cause I really like buying comics!) comic book reviews! So, hit the jump and see what great comics we sacrificed our rent money for this month!

Wolverine Max #4


This last year, Marvel Comics added Wolverine to its MAX line of “explicit content” filled comics and at first, I really didn’t like it. It opened with a amnesia afflicted Wolverine having his legs gnawed off by a shark and probably responsible for the horrific act of terrorism of blowing up a plane. It seemed a little much, but what the hell is wrong with me!?! This Wolverine MAX, of course it’s going to be “a little much!” Written by Jason Starr issue #4 has Logan and Victor Creed hacking and slashing at each other just prior to Logan’s realization about what really happened on the flaming plane. Starrs writing on Wolverine is some of the best out on the shelves right now and I highly recommend this title to my fellow broke nerds!

DeadPool (2012) #005


I don’t know what forces of nature brought comedian Brain Posehn and Deadpool together, but thank the gods (Thor, I think) it happened! In issue #5 of this hilarious series, Deadpool takes his fight against the dead presidents into outer space to try and stop “the Gipper” from nuking most of North America! Great writing and great art work from Tony Moore. Please go buy this title so that Marvel will keep Posehn on staff and writing comic books… well, forever0!

Star Wars #1


Post battle of Yavin, Luke and Leia are on the hunt for new permanent base for the rebellion when they are ambushed by an Imperial Star Destroyer! I love that Dark Horse Comics is going back and doing stories from the original trilogy and Carlos D’Anda’s artwork is wonderful! I very much look forward to collecting this title as new issues hit the shelves in the months to come!

Uncanny X-Force #2


Chudd is the one with the thing for purple haired Asian/ English ninja chicks, so he should be the one to review the new Uncanny X-force. Unfortunately, Chudd is a lazy (lazy!) bastard and refuses to write this part. So, here goes! I like the new X-force. Psylocke has just been booted out the Xavier school for mutants and is now putting together a new team of outcast mutants! This time with Puck! Uncanny X-Force is a comic book lovers comic! Full of hot mutant girls, sword fights, and… Puck!

Well that’s all for this week (maybe month. My god it cost a lot to run the heater in this building!) but we’ll have new comics to review just as soon as we visit our local comic shop again!

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