Atomic Moo Comic Book Review of Everybody Loves Tank Girl!!!


I kinda imagine reading a Tank Girl comic and getting smashed in the face by the same Tank Girl Comic are about the same experience… but in a good way. Fresh off the presses from the great and mighty Titan Books is a new hardback collection of Tank Girl stories by Jim Mahfood and Alan C. Martin! Here’s the books synopsis from the Titan Books website:

Everyone’s favorite outback anarchist is back to blow things up, swear profusely and offend the elderly! Alan C. Martin teams up with wunderkind Jim Mahfood to bring you Tank Girl as you’ve never seen her: wild, raw, foul-mouthed and forever rockin’ but rendered in a style that will bring pleasure to thine eyes. Meet The Wee Wee Brothers, travel south to a Hippie Fest with all the gang, take a tour around Booga’s factory, and let Tank Girl show you How To Dress Quite Good.

Okay, that doesn’t really cover it all, because there is also cool poems, a baby sitting story arc, and way more cursing! What with the often chaotic art style and rapid humor, this book is more like an angry assault on your visual senses… BUT IN A GOOD WAY! I enjoyed the hell out of Everybody Loves Tank Girl and recommend that you stop what you are doing right now and go get a copy ASAP! Also, go check out that goofy Tank Girl Film they did back in the mid ’90’s! I don’t give a shit what people say, I’m still in love with Lori Petty!

Below I’ve posted a few sample images from the book and a cool Mahfood and Martin video about Tank Girl I found over at Comics Alliance! Oh, yeah, and there’s the trailer to the ’90’s Tank Girl flick too! I still love it so damn much!!!

TankGirlONe TankGirlTwo TankGirlThree

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  1. buttery Wholesomeness

    03/02/2013 at 2:10 pm


    Also, Talk Girl is awesome. I love the, “What the hell is this thing? I dunno. Strap three of them onto the tank!” aesthetic to the art, here.

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