Thank you very much to the guys over at Big Shiny Robot for posting about this! This is a small piece of mine and Chudd’s childhood that I had nearly forgotten about, but is now back thanks to the wonder of Youtube and some really awesome people wanting to put it up online!

Back in the 1980’s Star Wars was on everything, even cassette tapes. Oh… wait, for people born after 1995, Cassette tapes were small squares of plastic with spindles of magnetic tape inside of them that we would use to record sound on. They often sounded bad, got twirled up in the machine trying to play them, and were a great way of getting bootleg music off the radio! Even if when you played it back, the music recorded often sounded like a captured alien transmission from a galaxy far, far away… speaking of which! For kids in the 1980’s, story books were often sold with accompanying audio recordings of voice actors and narrators who would act out the story as the kid flipped the pages. Some of these stories were based on the Star Wars Comics put out by Marvel Comics at the time. Below are two of the stories. Remember, these stories are for very young children (often ignored by their parents and left for hours alone with dogeared old books and audio cassettes that nearly never worked… wait, where am I?) so don’t expect any great insights into the Star Wars universe. They are what they were, and Chudd and I loved them very much when we were kids!


Star Wars: Planet of the Hoojibs

Star Wars: Droid World

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