Now out from Titan Books is a fascinating look back at World War II through the eyes of the Silver Age Comic artist who lived through the conflict.

Nick Cardy (originally Nicholas Viscard) had worked for Eisner and Iger (and other publishing companies) and would later go onto illustrate comics such as Aquaman and The Teen Titans. However, he is also a veteran of the second World War and from the moment he was drafted he kept his sketchpads and pen with him. Nick Cardy: the Artist at War is a comprehensive record of his time in boot camp and his travels through war torn Europe as part of a tank battalion. Many of the illustrations are quick “roughs” done in pencil or ink, but there are also several full color water colors demonstrating is amazing talent as an artist working under extreme conditions.


I really feel that Nick Cardy: The Artist at War is more than just a “coffee table” book for history buffs. This is also a great resource for comic book enthusiasts and would be illustrators (y’know guys like me) as well. Cardy’s illustrative technique, especially when having to work fast under extremely harsh conditions, is telling and an inspiration. Below I’ve posted a few sample images from the book, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure to go pick up your own copy of Nick Cardy: The Artist at War at Titan Books!


nick-cardy-horse nick-cardy-bombed-city cardyimage 1301690609

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