Awesome Crocheted Facehuggers

Facehuggers say nom by Soggy-Wolfie

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Both Sean and I have been busy with work and other projects (like the Atomic Moocast and site redesign), and we’ve been letting things slide. Anyhow I came across these on deviantArt not too long ago and felt they’re worth a shout out. These nerdastic crocheted facehuggers were made by dA member Soggy-Wolfie (Judy van Button). Somehow she found that right mix of creepy and cuddly… I dunno, I think that’s a thin line to walk. She’s got more great stuff in her gallery, so check’em out when you get a chance. I gotta get back to work, so later!

I heart Facehuggers by Soggy-Wolfie

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  1. I think I’d freak out if I saw one of those in a cradle with a newborn.

  2. Admit it, Chudd. The first time you saw the facehugger move in the jar in Aliens you screamed a little.

  3. Mister Trog

    03/13/2013 at 1:40 pm

    I would confirm that he did, but I had my eyes closed at the time.

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