A couple of weeks ago I wrote reviews for a few graphic novels based on the hit game Dead Space, by EA Games. At the same time I got the graphic novels, I also received a copy of The Art of Dead Space put out by Titan Books. Written by Martin Robinson, this book is a massive collection of original art and concept sketches, and (since I love art and concept sketches) I wanted to take my time before posting this review.

ArtofDeadSpaceOne The Art of Dead Space is a collection of over 300 paintings, concepts, and sketches all dealing with a science fiction horror game that actually encourages the improper use of power tools against mutant alien monsters! Well, it also has designs, vast (beautifully rendered) alien landscapes, and a wiki’s worth of knowledge about this game and it’s characters. Some of the best artist in the gaming world have work  beautifully showcased in this hardback edition and it’s a real treat to see how their concepts evolved into what we finally get to see in the game. I don’t think it matters if you’re an art lover or hardcore gamer, either way this is going to great book for your gaming coffee table!  Get your own copy of The Art of Dead Space at Titan Books and check out a few sample images below!

dead_space_02 artofdeadspace1 dead_space_art

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