Via Geeks are Sexy; I just recently found out about the Harp Twins. Identical twin sisters Camille and Kennerly are duet harpist that have a knack for strumming out “geeky” music on their electric harps. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an electric harp, but below are several videos where the girls perform themes from Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, and The Hobbit.

Now here’s the thing: Chudd and I are twins, and after all the crap we’ve been through, I think the world owes us one… or two. So, Give us the Harp Twins. It totally makes sense! They’re beautiful and talented twin girls, and Chudd and I are bipedal – (mostly) house broken – twin brothers. This is a match! So, just gives us the Harp Twins so that the universe can balance and continue on in harmony. We’ll even pay for the postage to ship them here. Just make sure to poke a few holes in the box for air.


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