Holy crap! I finally got some free time away from work to do stuff I actually like! Stuff like, an Atomic Moo Book Review! So, a few months back I reviewed a Matt Helm novel. Well, I just finished reading the sequel novel, The Wrecking Crew, and I think I’m becoming a huge fan of Donald Hamilton’s thrilling spy novels!

Set in the late 1950’s cold war; Helm has fully accepted his life as a counter agent and is now trekking an international operative (Caselius) through the frigid wasteland of Sweden! However, Caselius is smart, deadly and very good at disposing of the many operatives who have tracked him in the past. Helm soon finds himself surrounded by danger and deceit! Of the two Matt Helm novels I’ve read I enjoyed this one the most. Both books are entertaining, but this Matt Helm isn’t held back by a wife, kids, and peaceful life of a New Mexican fiction author. This Matt Helm is thorough, practical, and lethal. Actually, I think that’s why I enjoy these books. Though the book is full of car chases, murders, and sexy international women, there are no fantastic devices or spy gear. Helm uses his training and quick wits to deal with most every situation, and when those fail, he uses a gun. I love just how “matter of fact” he is about the job he has to do and the methods he uses to carry it out. I very much recommend this book and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of Hamilton’s other Matt Helm stories. Go to Titan Books to get your own copy of The Wrecking Crew or many other Matt Helm adventures!

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