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Via Laughing Squid; I actually have fond memories of playing an Atari. It was our first game console (I don’t think they were called that back then) and we played the hell out of it, and (even though we didn’t own it) I do remember playing the infamous E.T. game that nearly killed the video game industry.Etvideogamecover So, I was giggling like an idiot (as happens early in the morning) when I jumped onto the internet and saw modern video games made to look like old Atari cartridges! Made by Deviant Art artist, StarRoivas; there are dozens of these on her deviant page and chances are you’ll be able to find a retro version of your favorite game there! Excellent work StarRoivas! Check out a few samples below!

bioshock_by_starroivas-d5z238q bully_by_starroivas-d5z1run doom_3_by_starroivas-d5z1rrj elder_scrolls_v__skyrim_by_starroivas-d5z1swi simcity_4_by_starroivas-d5z24gz fallout_3_by_starroivas-d5z23fh

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  1. Fallout is the best one. You know, somebody should make a playable Portal in super low-res 2d.

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